Top 10 Highest Mountains
1 - Mount Everest
Height : 8,848 m / 29,029 ft

Mount Everest is the Earth's highest mountain, with a peak at 8,848 metres. It is located in the Mahalangur section of the Himalayas in Nepal.

On 29 May 1953 Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary made the first official ascent of Everest using the southeast ridge route.
2 - K2
Height : 8,611 m / 28,251 ft

K2 also known as Chhogori/Qogir, Ketu/Kechu, and Mount Godwin-Austen is the second-highest mountain on Earth, after Mount Everest. It is located on the border between Baltistan, in the Gilgit–Baltistan region of northern Pakistan, and the Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County of Xinjiang, China.
An Italian expedition finally succeeded in ascending to the summit of K2 via the Abruzzi Spur on 31 July 1954. The two climbers who reached the summit were Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni.
3 - Kangchenjunga

Height : 8,586 m / 28,169 ft

Kangchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world. Kangchenjunga is located on the boundary between Nepal and the Indian state of Sikkim. It is called Five Treasures of Snow after its five high peaks. Two of the five peaks are in Taplejung District, Nepal. The other three peaks – main, central, and south – are on the border of North Sikkim and Nepal.

Kangchenjunga was first climbed on 25 May 1955 by Joe Brown and George Band.
4 - Lhotse

Height : 8,516 m / 27,940 ft

Lhotse is the fourth highest mountain on Earth and is connected to Everest via the South Col.

The main summit of Lhotse was first climbed on May 18, 1956 by the Swiss team of Ernst Reiss and Fritz Luchsinger from the Swiss Mount Everest/Lhotse Expedition.

5 - Makalu

Height : 8,485 m / 27,838 ft

Makalu is the fifth highest mountain in the world located 19 km southeast of Mount Everest, on the border between Nepal and China.

Makalu was first climbed on May 15, 1955 by Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy of a French expedition.

6 - Cho Oyu

Height : 8,188 m / 26,864 ft

Cho Oyu is the sixth highest mountain in the world. Cho Oyu means "Turquoise Goddess" in Tibetan. The mountain is the westernmost major peak of the Khumbu sub-section of the Mahalangur Himalaya 20 km west of Mount Everest. The mountain stands on the Tibet-Nepal border.

The mountain was first climbed on October 19, 1954, via the north-west ridge by Herbert Tichy, Joseph Jöchler and Sherpa Pasang Dawa Lama of an Austrian expedition.
7 - Dhaulagiri I

Height : 8,167 m / 26,795 ft

Dhaulagiri I at 8,167 metres ranks seventh among Earth's fourteen peaks over eight thousand metres. It was first climbed on May 13, 1960 by a Swiss/Austrian/Nepali expedition.

8 - Manaslu

Height : 8,163 m / 26,781 ft

Manaslu also known as Kutang is the eighth highest mountain in the world, and is located in the Mansiri Himal, part of the Nepalese Himalayas, in the west-central part of Nepal. Manaslu was first climbed on May 9, 1956 by Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu, members of a Japanese expedition.

9 - Nanga Parbat

Height : 8,126 m / 26,660 ft

Nanga Parbat literally meaning Naked Mountain in Sanskrit is the ninth highest mountain in the world and the western anchor of the Himalayas.

Nanga Parbat was first climbed, via the Rakhiot Flank (East Ridge), on July 3, 1953 by Austrian climber Hermann Buhl, a member of a German-Austrian team.

10 - Annapurna I

Height : 8,091 m / 26,545 ft

Annapurna is a Sanskrit name which literally means "full of food".

Annapurna I was the first 8,000-metre (26,200 ft) peak to be climbed. Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal, of a French expedition reached the summit on 3 June 1950.


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